Dave Berzack

Clean Code|UI Design|QA Automation

Below are my favorite side projects, to show a bit of my personality, skills and interests outside of work.

Access Music Project

I built this online concert calendar to help people discover local music and to promote independent artists.

It uses an extensible JSON-configured Selenium script to scrape venues’ schedules for a very broad, sustainable content stream, which it presents in a streamlined, spartan UI, with instant artist previews.

This work-in-progress version is at www.accessmusicproject.com

Nerdcore Music Videos

I wrote and produced Killa Appz, a viral self-promo rap video about Flash and web development, which climbed to 100,000 views in a few weeks, and was featured on the TV series "Attack of the Show".

Shortly thereafter, Adobe commissioned me to produce a series of short videos for the keynote speech of their international Max conference.

Those are all on my Youtube Channel:
Usin' Flash, I Code in Flex and Air Everywhere

Custom DJ Interface

I created a novel interface to DJ with Ableton Live, a powerful EDM production and recording application with rich plugin APIs.

The interface runs on five synced gen-1 iPads, based on MAX plugins and the Lemur UI platform.

It provides typical DJ functionality/workflow that Ableton lacks, new features I designed that no other DJ software provides, and a cool control interface.


I designed and built this interactive art installation for regional Burning Man events.

It uses LEDs to light up the tensile fabric stellated faces of a 15’ geodome with sequences controlled by triggers embedded in a magic spellbook.

Lined with fur and filled with hundreds of plush toys, it’s a delightful space.